New Office phone Number 08 9321 2222

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Yes, we have upgraded to a new telephone and internet system.

We have set up a divert on the old numbers, and hope the transition will be smooth.

John can still be contacted on his Mobile – 0412 979 776

John’s new direct number is now 08 9321 1422  (previously 6263 6797)

and Vicki can be contacted on 08 9321 1522      (previously 6263 6796)

However,  if you have a general enquiry,  or wish to speak to me,  or leave a message for  John  or  Vicki,   please use our  new number   9321 2222.

Meanwhile, call us if  you have any queries regarding your existing plans and forward planning, including:

Retirement Planning     –      Rollovers, Annuities, Retirement accounts

Superannuation             –       Consolidation, Cap Limits, Contributions, Investment options, Salary                                                                 Sacrifice, or a general Review

 Risk Management          –      Death,  Disability, Trauma Insurance & Income Protection

 Investment Planning      –     Managed Funds, Unit Trusts, Savings Plans, Growth Bonds

Banking                                 –    Loans, Debt Consolidation, Deposits

Estate Planning                   –    Wills, Powers of Attorney

Kind regards,


Sandra Davidson

Personal Assistant to  John MacKenzie Wilson  Dip FP

and Vicki Day  Dip FP


JMW Financial Services 


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